Apply to be a member!

Groups that run help desks or infrastructure services for the civil society can apply to become CiviCERT members by adopting CiviCERT’s Vetting and Information Management policies, as well as RaReNet’s Code of Practice, and by ensuring that they are ready to track their cases and share threat information with other CiviCERT members.

Members of CiviCERT can be listed among the support organization in the Digital First Aid Kit and have access to:

  • a rapid mutual referral system
  • an encrypted mailing list and a MISP instance for threat information sharing
  • internal resources and knowledge base
  • development of shared projects
  • training and professional development opportunities

Candidates can apply through 2 other existing CiviCERT members from different organizations vouching for them.

More details can be found in CiviCERT’s Membership Policy.