About CiviCERT

Our Mission

As a network of CERTs and services and infrastructure providers, CiviCERT’s mission is to engage, connect, and support its members to better help civil society build capacity and strength. CiviCERT strives to facilitate  collaborations as needed, share information to alert emerging digital security threats to civil society, and foster other digital security help desks in improving protection for civil society members and organizations.

How We Work

  • Rapid Response: CiviCERT members perform, coordinate, and support the response to digital security incidents received from civil society.
  • Collaborative Referral Mechanism: CiviCERT members refer cases to each other whenever collaboration is needed.
  • Threat Information Sharing: CiviCERT members communicate over protected platforms, like an encrypted mailing list and a Malware Information Sharing Platform instance, to share information on emerging threats to civil society.
  • Helper Support and Growth: CiviCERT members collaborate with rapid responders worldwide and support them in handling computer emergencies whenever more specialized support is needed.
  • Standard Case-handling Procedures: CiviCERT members document cases consistently and strive to ensure reliable and standardized procedures for handling cases.

Accredited by

CiviCERT is a coordinating CERT accredited by Trusted Introducer, the trusted backbone of infrastructure services that serves as clearinghouse for all security and incident response teams. Single members of CiviCERT are also members of FIRST, the global Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams. These accreditations offer a unique platform to present important digital security issues affecting the civil society to a wide range of CERTs catering to government and corporate entities.