“Dark Ops Uncovered”: Qurium’s New Forensic Investigation Series

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In recent months, several media outlets hosted by Qurium have received requests from fake law firms to remove articles that focus on corruption and abuse of power. Qurium decided to take a look at these so called “law firms” so as to identify the people behind these “Dark” operations.

The first episode of the ‘Dark Ops Uncovered’ series focuses on the activities of the company Eliminalia. The report follows a recent content take-down request received by the Kenyan independent media outlet The Elephant to remove an investigation report on corruption and the abuse of power in Angola. In this first episode, you will learn about the different methods used by Eliminalia to deal with uncomfortable content, and how 300 domains are being used to de-index valid content worldwide from Google’s search results.

Qurium’s full report can be accessed here: Dark Ops Undercovered: Episode I – Eliminalia. The report by The Elephant can be accessed here: Dark Web: How Companies Abuse Data and Privacy Protections to Silence Online Media.

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