CiviCERT is an initiative of RARENET (Rapid Response Network) an umbrella organizations formed by the partnership between Internet Content and Service Providers, Non Governmental Organizations and individuals that contribute some of their time and resources to the community in order to globally improve the security awareness of civil society.

The core team (in alphabetical order) is composed by the following members in their individual or organizational capacity:

Organization Name Email PGP Fingerprint
Qurium Anthony Briand EAA0 FB07 1528 C67A 8945 3ED9 FECC CD78 F0B7 1628
AccessNow Michael Carbone D3D8 BEBF ECE8 91AC 46A7 30DE 63FC 4D26 84A7 33B4
EFF Eva Galperin 0028 8558 476C 62BB 252D A1B0 C66C 929B E6B3 EAE9
Qurium Tord Lundstrom 9FDD 375A B71F 5633 F67E 2470 B2F7 1E95 E74D 4E02
HIVOS/DDP Jantine van Herwijnen 0A20 CDD0 F0D4 E616 5292 9D8E 05DA F28C 3D94 094F
CIRCL Raphaƫl Vinot 8647 F5A7 FFD3 50AE 38B6 E22F 32E4 E1C1 33B3 792F