Mission statement
Established the 1st of January 2014, The main goal of CiviCERT is to improve the incident response capabilities of NGOs, journalists and involved citizens all around the world.

CiviCERT aims to close the gap and increase cooperation between civil society, activists on the one side and organizations or individuals working in information security on the other side. The members of the initiative are a mix between Internet providers’ anti abuse teams, NGO project officers and citizens sensitized in freedom of speech and information security. CiviCERT’s members donate time and resources to this community in order to globally improve the security awareness of civil society.
CiviCERT serves as secure proxy to report incidents they have been made aware of and provide information of best practices while protecting its beneficiaries and sources.
CiviCERT wants to build bridges with other CSIRTs and security communities by learning from the best practitioners in the security response field and helping other teams to understand the very specific environment that CiviCERT beneficiaries work.

CiviCERT operates thanks to the contributions of its members. Members of CiviCERT contribute with skills and/or with other assets into this initiative. When necessary, CiviCERT will fund-raise to obtain specific access to tools and technologies not available via its members. CiviCERT is committed to always inform its beneficiaries of which sources of funding might enable or support any support activity.
During 2014-2016, CiviCERT’s coordinating role has been assumed by Qurium Media Foundation, a non for profit foundation based in Sweden.